It’s not that my friends are always on their cellphones that drives me crazy. It’s when we’re trying to leave to go somewhere and they’re too busy fiddling around on their phone to get up and go. My go-to response in this scenario is often: “You know the great thing about cell phones? They go everywhere with you.” You can complete that text or that level of Angry Birds in the car. Finish typing that email when we get there.

I don’t have that frustration at Benchmark Email. We get it. That’s why we’re now offering our outstanding iPhone app in Spanish. That’s right. The same great iPhone app that many are already enjoying is now available entirely in Spanish.

The app is exactly the same as it is in English. In fact, you don’t even need to download a separate Spanish version. If your phone language is set to Spanish, then the app will serve up Spanish text and graphics.

Now, our Spanish speaking users can do their email marketing completely on-the-go. An app that truly takes advantage of the mobility of your cell. All you need to do is stop playing Angry Birds long enough to use it.