If you are reading Benchmark’s business blog, you are most likely a small business owner. If you are a business owner (especially e-commerce), there is a 99% chance that your company incorporates Paypal accounts.

Paypal has definitely changed the way we pay for products and services online. Previously, it was a bit of a hassle trying to type in your entire credit card number for one purchase, then going it over once, and then twice to make sure there are no missing numbers, only to press send and get those annoying red asterisks because you missed a digit.

That’s why all online customers have rejoiced over the freedom that Paypal brings. No more shuffling to see which credit card to use in case one gets decline, no more worries of a hacker downloading your account data from the online store, and a plethora of other dangers.

As for an online retailer, the amount of mix-ups and confusion trying to keep track of all the credit cards numbers and accounts can enough to make anyone pass out in distress.

If you are one of the wise ones that have chosen Benchmark Email to help you with your company, then we have a treat for you. One of our several integrations includes the Paypal plugin, which allows you to add your Paypal customers to one of your existing Benchmark contact list.

What’s the point, you ask?

Well if somehow your business makes a terrible mistake and swiped out all your customer’s entire Paypal accounts and their money was gone, you simply have to look up one contact list to find the specific customers to reimburse out of your own pocket. Juuuust kidding.

Just like how Benchmark allows you to segment your contact list into specific groups (New subscribers, Long-time customers, Potential customers, Calls and complains too much, Big Spenders), it is suggested to segment your Paypal users into a list too. Just like how you can create specific content and campaigns for each segmented group, you can also the same for your Paypal customers: special discount for all Paypal users, articles on online safety tips, latest Paypal updates, etc.

It all goes back to utilizing email marketing for all aspects of your business. This plugin is more than just a technical integration between two online softwares. It is another opportunity for you as a business owner to identify the different groups in your customer base and create the best campaigns that will fit each group well.