We’ve often discussed how important it is to carry your branding efforts throughout every possible customer touchpoint. Those efforts need to be consistent and professionally implemented, and failing to keep to those standards will make it harder for your brand to be recognized, trusted and thought of when it comes time for purchase.

I wish it weren’t so often that I see a well-designed email campaign that inspires me to click through to a site, only to be disappointed in where it took me. Sometimes, it’s just an outdated site that simply can’t compete with what we’ve come to expect from today’s web design standards. Other times, the site looks and feels totally different from the email. Maybe it’s that the color scheme isn’t the same or that the tone of voice is different.

Also, if your email details some sort of deal or promotion, or highlights a specific product, make sure your subscribers are pointed to the right place when they click. If your landing pages don’t match your emails, you’re making your readers do unnecessary work. That will make conversions more difficult.

If you put all your thought into your email campaigns, and little to none in your landing pages, there will be a disconnect. It is imperative to make sure you put just as much work into point B, as you did in point A. Your subscribers will appreciate it and your branding will grow because of it.

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