I touched on this in Pinterest Tip #4, but it’s important enough to emphasize. I once read that it takes seven times for a customer seeing your brand to recognize it. Getting to that number as fast and organically as possible is in your best interest. So, how do you do it?

Obviously the first step is establishing what your brand is and what message you want it to convey. Once you have that, you need to figure out how to insert that into every single customer interaction you could possibly have. It goes beyond emails and landing pages, that we discussed in our last tip. It also figures into your social, direct mail, customer service, sales and even your stores (if you’re a brick and mortar business).

This can be done with colors and logos. It can also be done with the tone of voice your communications and content takes on. I’m even referring to the personalities of your employees and the atmosphere in your offices and stores.

Establishing your brand can mean the difference in making a sale or not. It can be the difference in a product being Kleenex instead of tissue paper. Make sure yours is the name that comes to mind when a customer or potential sale is in need of what you offer.

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