This latest email marketing manual is sure to put a smile on your face (sorry, couldn’t resist). Our latest industry manual focuses on the world of dentistry. Whether undergoing a routine checkup or major root canal, a good percentage of folks get squeamish at the mere mention of the dentist. Yet despite that, it is a necessary service and one where a friendly, consummate professional can make a real impression.

Because their services are essential to living a healthy life (and let’s face it, teeth are a valuable commodity) many dentists see little reason to advertise beyond traditional media. It’s understandable. But dentists actually have much more to gain from email marketing than they realize. By allowing more interaction with their customers and utilizing a regularly scheduled newsletter and promotion cycle, the familiarity that grows from that increased connection makes an appointment much easier to consider (especially when special offers or discounts are included for subscribers).

With this in mind, Benchmark Email delivers its latest industry manual on Dental & Orthodontic Email Marketing. Take a look at the current statistics of dental marketing and compare dentistry email open rates and click-throughs with other major industries. Best of all, Benchmark includes a thorough list of all the benefits and services we provide to our customers, including our We Do It for You package for dental and orthodontic businesses.

Still wondering if email marketing is the answer for your dentistry? Please take a moment to download our free PDF or read the manual directly from our website.