As an email service provider, “service” is the operative word. Benchmark Email offers friendly, informed customer support. No bragging there, that’s just our job. Benchmark Email provides intuitive, user-dictated email editing software. You deserve the best and we’re in the business of giving our users top-quality bang for their buck. But there’s another service we provide that might trump both of these (if you don’t mind my saying so) marvelous features, and that’s our dedication to spreading the word about email marketing and giving our users the most up to date tips and guidance on putting their email to work for them. That’s why we’re proud to bring you our latest starter manual on How to Start Email Marketing.

You may be familiar with Benchmark’s Quick Start Guide and the Complete Guide, both of which are in-depth tutorials on the email marketing process and how to familiarize yourself with Benchmark’s approach. For our latest manual we’ve boiled strategy down to the essentials. It is a quick, enlightening read that provides an efficient take on creating an email marketing plan that delivers opens and builds your contact list.

The How to Start Email Marketing manual will teach you how to optimize for success, introduce you to the types of email campaigns, reveal the value of email marketing and finally take you through the process of structuring your own campaign. Best of all, we answer the question: Why Email Marketing? as well as enumerate the limitations of the advertising form.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Benchmark Email’s latest guide and discover How to Start Email Marketing!