As you may have guessed, Benchmark is all about email marketing. We offer an award-winning, professional email marketing software that is easy to use, efficient, convenient, tops, boss, the accolades march on and on. But lest the stomping of those superlative boots drowns out the higher message, the one often lost in the din of new templates or features, email marketing is not our only goal. What Benchmark Email is here for, what it strives to achieve in its consistent updates, postings and offers, is a means to take your small business online and reach the customers or subscribers who will be the foundation your company can build upon.

Email marketing is the biggest part of that. It has shown time and again that it possesses a staying power to rival even traditional media’s long held grasp on the consuming public. And industry figures predict that it will only grow stronger as more companies and businesses migrate online.

But Benchmark Email is more than email marketing. We underline the engagement and connection between your business and your prospects, your business and your current customers, your business and your subscribers – and especially your business as it relates to other businesses. Hence we strive to deliver the most up to date industry trends and best practices, social media tools and info to bring you into close contact with the users who will benefit from your product or service the most.

Our latest marketing manual, Introduction to Online Marketing, offers the perfect head start. Inside we explore the differences and benefits of earned vs. paid advertising, the drawbacks of both organic searches and pay-per-click, the strategy behind search engine optimization, staking a claim on social platforms and broadcasting yourself with YouTube. It is Benchmark’s hope that the insights shared in our online marketing manuals will help you to take your small business online. Understand that no business is too small to profit from these methods. And most of these tactics cost a fraction of their traditional media counterparts.

Click on the link and check it out today. You can download the free PDF or read it directly from our website. If you’d like to learn more about email and online marketing, peruse our email marketing manuals page. We are always updating, and in the coming months you may even see a marketing guide written specifically for your industry.