New Year’s Eve is one of the more polarizing holidays around. Many complain about overcrowded bars and restaurants or even just a lack of great plans in general. Some love the celebrations (and libations) and watching the ball drop. Me? I’ve discovered the perfect NYE plans. Go to a concert.

I have gone to a concert on NYE since my senior year of high school. In Chicago, it was always one of my favorite bands: Umphrey’s McGee. I knew all my best friends would be there, lines at the bar would be manageable (once I was 21 of course) and that we would enjoy the entertainment.

I’ve even traveled and gone to visit friends in other cities and seen concerts with them. It’s something that, universally, all of my friends enjoy doing. This past New Year’s Eve was my first in Los Angeles. I scored a photo pass to go see Chromeo at Club Nokia. Going without friends wasn’t ideal, but none of my friends in LA wanted to go to a concert. Good thing I’m friendly. I made plenty of friends at the show and had a great time with a bunch of people that enjoy music as much as I do.

If you don’t like NYE, maybe you just need to find better plans. Share your favorite NYE plans with your subscribers using a Benchmark New Year’s Eve template. Wish them a happy New Year. Be sure to schedule the campaign ahead of time, in case you’re still celebrating on New Year’s Day. You shouldn’t be working then anyways.

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NYE Fun Facts:
  • The first ball dropped in Times Square: December 31, 1907.
  • The first ball dropped was made of wood and iron and weighed 700 lbs.
  • The current ball dropped is made of Waterford Crystal and has over 9,000 LED lights and weighs over 1000 lbs.