Can you believe it’s almost April? It seems like just yesterday our staff was writing about email marketing for the Christmas Holidays. Now, Easter is bearing down on us, and we’ve already banked some good outside content over the past few months. Here’s a list of some of the highlights.

Denise Keller on The Email Guide

If we had a nickel for every person who started email marketing without the proper prep, well, you know how that goes. It seems that loads of folks see email marketing as a minimal-effort process, and sending out campaigns using this approach usually brings in spam complaints, loss of customer revenue and other bad things. To help you prepare for your campaigns, our COO Denise Keller wrote a piece for The Email Guide listing out the Top 25 Questions You Must Ask before Sending an Email Newsletter. Follow the link to read the piece.

Denise Keller on Social Moms

One of our biggest gripes is how email marketing can seem so stodgy. Email marketing articles are often very serious and full of techno-speak, and reading them can cure even the most persistent case of insomnia. To inject some light-hearted fun into the whole equation, Denise Keller wrote a piece for Social Moms on the Top 7 Tips for Writing a Great Welcome Email – through pop songs! It turns out that even Men Without Hat’s safety dance easily ties into the whole theme, and you can visit Social Moms to read the rest. Enjoy!

Hal Licino on Blogengage

Our guru in residence, Hal Licino, is a huge Google+ fan. He not only loves Google+ like an immediate family member, but he constantly finds fantastic, new ways to use the social media platform for business and blogging, including a feature that lets you list out all your recent blog posts in a neat, easy to read fashion. Forget the spreadsheet feature for doing this, Google+ users (and bloggers) should take advantage of the “Contributor To” tool and learn how to Leverage This Little-Known Google+ Feature.

Next month, we’ll have another great list of stuff to read (and maybe even watch), outside of this website. In the meantime, get your iPod, cue up some REM and watch this space!