Make no mistake, the Benchmark writing squad is bus-y! But when they’re not cooking up content for this blog, they’re lending expertise to sites across the internets. To keep you in the know on this, we’re running a monthly recap of outside articles, blog posts and columns in all their glory. Here’s the first installment of Beyond Benchmark, where we list important outside content and links where you can read it.

The Importance of Preheaders on The Email Guide

Have you ever spent time on your newsletter pre-header, adjusting it to improve your email campaigns? Probably not, which is why COO Denise Keller brings it with an A+ column on the importance of this little section of email real estate. The piece, published on The Email Guide, got high marks from readers and takes email campaign management to an entirely new level. You can read this eye-opening piece by clicking the link: The Importance & Impact of the Email Preheader.

Fend Off Phishing Attacks on iMedia Connection

Our CEO Curt Keller is a fountain of knowledge, so when he blogs about phishing attacks and other scams, the audience pays attention. This piece for the award-winning site iMedia Connection details how you can use your business login page to fend off phishing attacks. With so many email addresses falling into the wrong hands, and phishing attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, How to Fend off Phishing Attacks with Your Business Login Page, arms you with invaluable info on protecting your info.

Panda/Farmer Algorithm on Search Engine Journal

Hal Licino is more than a Benchmark Email writer, he’s a regular email marketing Yoda. Last month the force was with him big-time and he penned an extremely popular Search Engine Journal piece on how Google’s Panda Farmer Algorithm could affect email marketing. It’s an important answer to an important question, especially since the vast majority of people are wondering how this new method will affect websites rather than email campaigns. Read this fascinating column by clicking the link: How Google’s Panda / Farmer Algorithm Could Affect Email Marketing.

Email Marketing with Google Analytics on Search Engine People

Writer Daniel Cassady has a knack for bringing new perspectives to the table, and his recent column for Search Engine People breaks down an important, timely topic in a direct, realistic way. Focusing on Google Analytics, his guest blog post, Email Marketing: 4 Great Things Google Analytics Can Tell You shows what a working knowledge of Google can do for your email marketing campaigns. We’ve all heard how important Google Analytics are, but this piece concretely explains why.

We’ll be back in a month with another episode of Beyond Benchmark, and we’ve got lots of stuff in the pipeline – so keep an eye on this space!