Have you planned out your marketing for 2012, or are you still stuck without a plan? Our COO Denise Keller and word guru Hal Licino have you covered, and they spent November writing smart, practical blog posts on holiday email marketing, social media and even Facebook Timeline. Missed ‘em? Here’s a breakdown.

Denise Keller on Social Media Today

When Facebook’s Timeline debuted, scores of people wrote it off as something fantastic for personal account holders, but practically useless for business pages and groups. Our COO, Denise Keller, however, is a hands-on social media person, so she dove right into Timeline and immediately saw significant advantages for businesspeople willing to use the feature. Denise’s list of the top 5 advantages of Facebook Timeline made it on ultra-popular site Social Media Today, and made serious rounds in LinkedIn, so hit the link and see the piece in its entirety.

Hal Licino on Practical eCommerce

If you’re selling stuff online and fantasize about being absolutely buried in customer orders, getting prepped for Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s Day is task number one for your email campaigns. Why? Because sending out way more emails than usual and doing the hard sell will not just kill product demand, but get that oh-so-valuable email account banned by the spam police. Don’t take the risk – do things the right way. Read Hal Licino’s blog post at Practical eCommerce for more.

Denise Keller on American Express

Many businesses engage in social media to sell and promote products and services, but how many actually use it to build trust with customers? As Denise Keller’s American Express OPEN Forum says, social media is no longer about just preaching your message to a passive audience. If you want to gain the real benefits of social media, you need a two-way conversation between you and your clients. Denise Keller offers five valuable tips on building trust, and you can read them at the American Express Website.

We have lots of good stuff on the way for December, and a boatload of awesome tips so you can start off 2012 as a marketing pro. Check out our blog in early January and you’ll be armed and ready for the new year ahead.