Just being an entrepreneur is tough work, but promoting your entrepreneurial enterprise? Even tougher. This month our friendly neighborhood writers tackled some of the things that keep small business owners up at night. So if you’ve found yourself staring at the ceiling at 2 AM, the following blog posts will ease your mind.

Denise Keller on Noobpreneur

As the first of many planned blog posts for Noobpreneur, COO Denise Keller wrote about the power of the drip campaign. Did you know that drip campaign emails have an 80% higher open rate than single email sends? If you run your own business (or are thinking of starting one), drip campaigns, when done right, can give you a powerful promotional edge. Denise tells you How to Benefit from the Power of the Drip Email Campaign.

Denise Keller on Young Entrepreneur

Last month Denise Keller also wrote her very first post for Young Entrepreneur, reviewing the ups and downs of email lists, Twitter and Facebook. How are social media and email marketing getting along? If your email list is large you’ll have more Facebook likes, but less Twitter followers. Is there any rhyme or reason to this anomaly? Yes, there most certainly is, and Denise breaks it all down with The Upside Down Impact of Email List Size on Facebook & Twitter Response.

Hal Licino on Practical Ecommerce

With social media and mobile devices taking center stage with businesses big and small, it’s no wonder that pundits galore claim email marketing is dead, dead, dead. Well, we believe the rumors about email’s demise are greatly exaggerated, and our in-house expert extraordinaire, Hal Licino, laid down some nice numbers in a piece for Practical Ecommerce that explains how off the mark those predictions really are. Ask the question, Is Email Marketing Dead? Not to the Mobile Masses.

Curt Keller on Imedia Connection

Is there any similarity between a medical supplies company and an upscale hair salon? What about a French cafe and a sports supplies shop? While these businesses couldn’t be any more different from each other, they can all benefit from a single roadmap for good email marketing, brought to you courtesy of our CEO Curt Keller. Curt’s column for Imedia Connection went over the essential parts of an email marketing plan for your business, from striving to be relevant to keeping your list clean. He’ll give you An Outline for the Successful Email Marketing of Any Business.

Hal Licino on Search Engine Journal

What do your unsubscribes say about your email marketing campaigns? Does every unsubscribe mean that you run terrible campaigns, your product is bad or your company untrustworthy? Not at all. Hal Licino’s piece for Search Engine Journal covered what you can glean from your unsubscribes, and how you can adjust your campaigns to prevent new ones. More at: What the Top 7 Unsubscribe Comments Teach You about Your SEO Emails.

Overall it’s been a very busy month for the Benchmark Email team, with lots of entrepreneurial topics taking center stage on top-notch websites for small business. Our trusty team has lots more planned for August, so watch this space!