Have you ever sat back in your chair, fingers tented, thinking to yourself “Gee, I wonder what Benchmark’s top-notch writing staff is doing outside of the Benchmark Email blog?” If you have – or even if you haven’t – here’s a breakdown of what our super scribes did this past August when they wandered outside of the confines of this site.

Hal Licino on Practical Ecommerce

Hal Licino, our resident email marketing genius, schooled online sellers and Practical Ecommerce readers with a piece on the top 7 ways to master when to send your emails. The column goes over everything from providing advance notice to tracking delivery times to ditching trigger-based reminders. The old-school theory is to send in the morning, when subscribers are usually going through their work email inboxes. However, with smartphones, subscribers on the other side of the world and other variables, good scheduling requires more-precise planning. Learn The Top 7 Ways to Master Email Marketing Timing.

Denise Keller on Noobpreneur

Each spring, summer, fall and winter, you, like so many other email marketers, probably wonder how to make newsletter and social media campaigns relevant to the current season. Knowing this, Denise Keller, our COO, told Noobpreneur readers how they could take an average email marketing and social campaign and make it seasonal in simple, easy ways. According to Keller, there’s no need to throw down lots of dough to get a new template or kill hours reinventing the wheel. Can the clichés, climatize your content and discover The Top 10 Tips to Seasonalize Your Email and Social Media Marketing.

Denise Keller on Business Insider

Denise Keller also hits one out of the park with a piece in Business Insider‘s coveted War Room. With the constant stream of news on email marketing and social media, it’s difficult to determine how to do good email marketing in the current climate. Thankfully, Keller broke down what’s important in the now, with references to Google+, legislation and the tablet market. The piece gives each and every email marketer a good look on what to focus on now and in the future. Get the scoop on The Quickest Way to Turn into Spam.

We’ve got tons of stuff planned for September, from podcast interviews to extra-helpful articles on how to do email marketing right.