So you have picked a topic for your blog, now it’s time to think of a name. When beginning this series, I had no idea what it should be called. The best way to make something unique and interesting is to brainstorm with co-workers, friends, or someone who has knowledge on your topic.

Being a surfer this process is extremely relatable to ordering a new surfboard. I have this idea of what I want when I go to meet and discuss the shape of my new surfboard. When I talk to the shaper and inform him of what I want he often questions what kind of overall style surfboard I want. Will it be high performance, simple but functional, retro, or just plain weird? He will take my goals for the surfboard and use his expertise to direct me towards a specific shape, size, and so on. Often times you leave the shaping room with a completely different shape than you intended.

Similarly, I had some ideas of what I wanted to name this blog series. They were simple because I had not discussed or brainstormed with any experts on the subject. Our team got together with all of our own individual ideas for a name. We discussed and debated back and forth trying to find something functional but also unique. Our ideas were presented and with all things considered we combined our ideas to create what we have now. Like ordering a surfboard, I walked out of our meeting with a name that I had never expected when we began our meeting.

Just for fun, here’s some of the names we didn’t pick:

  • Burns Unit: Sparking An Interest in Blogging
  • The Intern(et) Marketer
  • Heart Burns: Blogging Beat

Naming your blog is just as important as what you write on it. If you have the opportunity brainstorm with some people, it will often times give you an outlook outside of your own. The one thing to remember is that the more minds the better when naming your blog.