The process of growing your email newsletter subscription list is so central to the overall success of your online marketing strategy that dental and orthodontic practices should commit to doing everything in their power to optimize current customer communications and continue to increase their subscriber base. Here are the top ten ways to leverage your patient communication contact opportunities to boost your email newsletter subscription list.

1. Add a link to your dentistry or orthodontic clinic’s newsletter subscription form in the email signatures of your staff members. It is obvious that your patient service personnel should apply this strategy, but it should be implemented by absolutely everyone at your practice in all of their emailing.

2. Place a clipboard at your dentistry reception desk where your patients can sign up to obtain your email newsletter, but don’t stop there. Place blow-in cards in your waiting room magazines, place posters up on the wall and even have your personnel ask the patients directly if they would like to sign up.

3. Why are your patients listening to music on hold when they could be spending that time being informed of the advantages of your email newsletter subscription? Change the Muzak to a professionally recorded message explaining the benefits of being an email subscriber!

4. Your patients should be informed on how to sign up for your email newsletter by prominent notices on all of your invoices, receipts and monthly billing statements. You should also offer a fully online invoicing and receipt facility primarily so that patients who opt to receive their billing documentation online will be able to find ample opportunities to click on your email campaign subscription links… and save a tree while they’re at it!

5. Include a shortened URL (through services such as tinyurl or to your subscription signup form on any advertisement, as well as your business card, all your stationary and any outgoing faxes. Don’t use any URL shortening services ending in .ly as they originate in Libya and could face disruptions due to the civil war there.

6. Encourage the sharing of your subscription form signup link via “forwarding to a friend” on all of your online presences whether they be on your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs or other forms of social networking and promotion.

7. Offer an incentive to signing up for your subscription. This reward could be a free visit or consultation, a voucher for a discount on specific dental services or free products such as electric toothbrushes or tooth whitening devices. You can rationalize the cost of these electronic physical product incentives by tying them into a conventional paid visit at which time you will hand the prize to the patient.

8. Establishing yourself as an online dental expert can pay considerable dividends in growing your subscription list. Posting on geographically specific blogs, forums and news sites to offer assistance and express positive and constructive opinions can be extremely effective if you include a link to your subscription signup form as part of your signature or header.

9. Mention your email newsletter at every possible public opportunity, especially when being interviewed by the local newspaper or broadcast station, at public appearances and at regional team sports sponsorship events.

10. As a dental professional you work with a number of other specialists in your field who provide complimentary services such as prosthodontics, periodontics, orthotics, implants and maxillofacial surgery. Strategically partnering with these reputable separate companies can allow you to combine budgets, leads and approaches to take your email marketing to reciprocal levels of success and response well beyond what you could achieve on your own.

Always Remember to Follow Permission Based Email Marketing
It is extremely important to absolutely ensure that at every single patient contact point where you are soliciting email subscriptions that you have a clear, recordable and auditable confirmation that the customer is aware that they are providing indisputable permission to be placed on your subscription list and receive newsletters via email. This will ensure that the subscriptions you solicit through these ten ways will be legal, ethical and legitimate!