Once you’ve sent your email and added it to your custom archive, did you know there’s another easy way to drive Web traffic to your email or newsletter?

The Benchmark Email Community gives you yet another opportunity to put your email online so everyone can find it. Post your email or newsletter in the community and Web surfers can find it via search, social bookmark, Twitter, Facebook and more. .

How do you do this? It’s easy!

In the last stage of the email campaign creation process, you’ll be given two options: add your email to your archive and/or add it to the Benchmark Email Community. Click on the Benchmark Email Community option. Once you’ve done that your email will be given a permanent Web address and you can name your email, add tags and even send the URL to your customers.

We’ve even added social networking and bookmarking options. Once your email is up in the community, you can:

  • Send the link to your email page via myspace or Facebook
  • Send out a Tweet via Twitter with a link to your email or newsletter
  • Social bookmark your email or newsletter URL through Digg, Delicious and more
  • Use Stumbleupon and Technorati to boost your page views
  • Sign up additional subscribers who find your email in a keyword search
  • Allow people to vote for your email as well as comment on how good it looks

Through the Benchmark Email Community, your email has a life far beyond the time it lands in the inbox of your subscribers.

This permanent home on the Web gives you a load of opportunities to drive as many people to your email or newsletter as possible, empowering you to sign up new subscribers, bring in new customers and even sell your products or services.