When a Hollywood actress chops her hair off into a pixie cut, it is briefly mentioned in a beauty and fashion article. When 90’s Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson does it, it is an event where you drop whatever you are doing and pay attention! The 46-year-old voluptuous star debuted her new chic and elegant crop with short, spiky bangs while strolling through the streets of LA recently. Long peroxide blond tresses begone! What is even crazier was what she was wearing. Instead of her usual uniform of hot pink miniskirt and 5-inch heels, Anderson covered her curves with a demure blue and white stripe dress, plush white cardigan and black ballerina flats. It’s the kind of outfit you would wear to have tea with your mother-in-law at a swanky hotel.

This moment is such a milestone in pop culture history! Anderson has had the same iconic bombshell image since 1992, so it is such a shocking, yet refreshing sight to see her in a completely different look. The transformation didn’t stop there! Last week, she also participated in the New York City marathon and helped raised about $76,000 for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. However, when she first announced her plans to run the marathon back in September, loads of critics questioned whether she would actually go through with it. It didn’t help that she gave an interview to New York Daily News with this little gem: “I haven’t really attacked the running thing. I’ve never been a runner. I’ve never even run across the street hardly before.”

Amazingly, Anderson not only completed the marathon, but she did it in 5:41:03, about 13 miles per hour. To be honest, I’m not a runner myself. According to all the blogs and articles about the marathon, what Anderson did was quite impressive, and she received lots of accolades for her efforts. I mean, the only time people have really seen her run was in slow motion in a skintight red bathing suit. Taking part in a grueling 26-mile trek, makeup-free and in regular workout clothes for a good cause has tremendously shifted her image in the public eye.

Will she began to follow in Duchess Kate Middleton’s footsteps and devote her time to charities functions dressed in matching pantsuits and blazers? It’s hard to say, but just by refining her outer appearance and pushing herself to complete an uncharacteristically physical task, Pamela Anderson’s entire brand for the past twenty years has gotten a complete makeover, triggering major positive results and support from the rest of Hollywood and the blogosphere.