With more than a billion web-enabled mobile devices currently in use and that number expected to double in the next four years, direct online mobile advertising has taken on a greater importance than ever before. Your Home Improvement business can grow its email newsletter subscription list by attracting quality customers who are truly interested in your products by leveraging mobile ads to draw them to your signup forms. Following these simple steps will help you take advantage of this currently embryonic marketing channel which is expected to account for 10% of all global ad spending by 2015!

Set up Your Mobile Ad Account

Set up the two major ad accounts for Google AdWords and Facebook, but also consider Yahoo and YouTube. Keep an eye on the opportunities for ad presence on Google+ as it may be a real sleeper and early adopters may end up benefiting from a significant competitive advantage over other Home Improvement businesses. Make sure that you clearly specify that the account is for mobile application as many of the ad sites have specific sets of options designed for mobiles only.

Craft Your Ad Carefully

Keep in mind that mobile ads can vary considerably from their garden variety general purpose personal computer brethren. Mobile text ads usually contain two lines of text with a limit on characters per line that may be as short as 12! When you get down to crafting your ad, you’ll really need to pull out your poet’s muse to be able to get your point across in as little as 24 measly characters, especially when it’s imperative to include the keyword(s) you have paid for in your mobile ad. You also have to cram an effective call to action into that miniscule character count, so this is no time to get florid in your writing. Note that the web site you are sending the traffic to will likely show up on the third line, so use that to your advantage. Create a mobile specific (possibly even .mobi) site that has critical ad information right in the URL that readers can identify. www.BestMitreSaws.mobi is preferable to www.mobile.tennesseegar-gantuahomecenters.com/mitsaw4092.etc. which in the display is likely going to be abbreviated to www.mobile.tenne…9258797295.html anyway. The landing page should be based on Mitre Saws but focused on driving the visitor to your signup form in order to get lots more special information and offers on the product range.

Become a Report Control-Freak

Google’s ad performance reporting system is widely acknowledged to be the best in the industry, allowing you to track everything you could possibly imagine and even some things you couldn’t ever have thought of yourself. Although moderation is recommended in all things, including moderation, you would be well advised to put down that fascinating spec sheet for the 210K BTU Multi-Fuel Forced Air Heater and spend a considerable amount of your reading time checking out the reports. Your analysis of tracking visitor location and sources, dwell time on your pages and which pages are hits and which ones are duds, will allow you to gain a precise insight on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong in motivating visitors to sign up.

Leave Ruth Behind

Ruthlessly dump any words that are not performing for you. You might have thought that 4 Hole Bidet would have been the big draw while it turns out that your number one performer is Gypsum Panel. Don’t buck the trend or get too inflexible in your insistence on pushing the unpushable. Remember that the customer is always right, even when they (according to you) are dead wrong. Another area where you can abandon poor Ruth is in testing. Your new mantra has to be “You cannot possibly overtest.” There is a seat in heaven for the email marketer who tested too much, but it likely will remain empty for the rest of eternity. Let your test results lead you instead of the other way around.

Mobile ads are an investment, so get your money’s worth. Apply these tips and ensure that each dollar will gain you as many subscribers as possible!