I’ve had the Chicago Bulls on my mind all day. Maybe it was Derrick Rose taking the first and second slots on SportCenter’s Top 10 last night. That being the case, it should be no surprise that I got excited when I saw an email from the NBA Store with the subject line “Gear up for the NBA Playoffs + Free Shipping.” I just had to open it.

To my delight, the email was chock full of Bulls threads. I don’t remember if I selected the Bulls as my favorite team at any point or if they just knew I’d purchased Bulls items in the past. Regardless, it was a case of excellent list segmentation. I would have deleted it immediately had I opened the email to find Knicks jerseys.

In all honesty, the design of the email is nothing special. It’s mostly white, with very little copy at all. There isn’t even a stylized banner, just plain text that expands on the subject line. The NBA Store is simply relying on the fact that I’d be too excited about my team being in the playoffs to notice the lack of a flashy layout. It also goes to show that an email that can play on emotion that way doesn’t have to rely on a design. (That doesn’t mean you can send off emails with emotional triggers and jumbled designs.)

I’m so hyped on the Bulls, it didn’t even matter to me that their headers were for Featured Collection and Featured Products. Until I started writing about the email. Now I want to know what the difference is! Be more creative, NBA Store.

As an email marketer, if you are able to segment your list enough to connect with your subscribers on a seemingly individualistic level, you will be much more likely to succeed. This email got my attention, not because it was well crafted or well designed, but because of what it represented. Perhaps the point of this blog is: you can talk me out of the merits of this email, but you can’t talk me out of my excitement for the Chicago Bulls being the #1 seed in the East of the NBA Playoffs. Go Bulls! D Rose for MVP! Hopefully you learned something more than the fact that I was greatly affected by the Bulls winning 6 NBA titles during my formative years.