It’s that time of year. Pumpkins aren’t just spicing our lattes anymore. No. They’re everywhere. In the Facebook’s feeds of my friends with kids at the pumpkin patch and they’re carved with the faces of the candidates from the current Presidential election. Halloween is here and it’s everywhere you turn. Does that include your email marketing templates?

Try A Pre-Made Template

Benchmark Email and all ESPs offer a set of pre-made email templates for every occasion. Pick one of the several available to you and then get to work making sure it still stays true to your brand. Add your logo and anything else you can to maintain a consistency in your branding. This is the store-bought costume route.

Adjust Your Current Template

The DIY costume option is to put a Halloween spin on your current template. Tweak the color scheme to fit a Halloween vibe. Bring out the orange! You can also add in some extra Halloween graphics to spruce up the template. Drop in a couple pumpkins, a witch or a ghost. Just like when using a pre-made template, it’s imperative not to lose the integrity of your brand within the holiday fun.