The key to good email list hygiene is diligence. It is important to be proactive, pay close attention and maintain good list hygiene at all times. Keeping a clean list will save you money in the long run and ensure your emails will hit the inbox as expected.

An important part of maintaining a clean list is to let go of the fear of losing contacts. You want to be sending to the individuals who want to hear from you. If your subscribers are consistently not opening your email campaigns, their actions are speaking to you. It’s sending a loud and clear message that they’re not interested in what you’re emailing them. It’s time to let them go.

Say you’re sending a monthly newsletter. A subscriber who hasn’t opened your past six campaigns probably isn’t going to start next month. They can be removed from your monthly newsletter list. However, you don’t have to say goodbye forever. Export inactive subscriber to a separate list. Then,  you can attempt a re-engagement campaign designed to regain interest in your monthly newsletters. If they don’t respond to that, it’s time to say goodbye for good.

And that’s OK! As I mentioned above, it’s going to benefit your deliverability. Also if you’re actively cleaning your list, that means you’re not growing a list full of inactive subscribers. The benefit of that is that you won’t need to upgrade to a larger list plan as quickly.

ESPs such as Benchmark Email make cleaning your list easy. With Benchmark, all you need to do is go to a given list. In the Contact List Activities menu, you simply select Clean List. Then, you have the choice of selecting the types of subscribers who you would like to clean from your list. You can select the bounces or contacts who have not been opening your emails (and the amount of time they have been inactive). It’s that easy!