So much goes into planning a successful email marketing campaign. Crafting the perfect content, designing your template, placing the CTAs in just the right places. But what does success mean for you? Is it an open? Or are your click-throughs more important? Something else? Whatever it is, it’s surely something that helps drive the bottom line and allows you to enjoy the ROI that email marketing offers. So how do you keep your subscribers engaged to achieve that?

Limit each campaign to one goal

Know what you want to accomplish with each email campaign you send and make sure that everything you put into that email is directed towards that goal. If you try and put too much into each email you send, your subscribers will get distracted from your goal. If they only have one thing to focus on, they’ll know exactly how you want them to engage with your emails.

Try a short survey

Asking for some input from your subscribers is a great way to engage them. It can be as simple as a single question survey asking how satisfied they are with your product(s) or service(s) or how likely they would be to recommend your business to a friend. Any type of information you can get your subscribers to provide will certainly be of great value to you and go a long way towards creating important engagement with your email campaigns.

Pay attention to reports

Actions speak louder than words, and the actions of your subscribers will tell you exactly how to keep subscribers engaged with your emails. Keep on eye on your email marketing reports and the content that gets the most clicks and what subject lines get you the most opens. More of that will maintain your levels of engagement, if not improve them.