Most of my redeeming qualities come from my grandmothers. They taught me manners and how to treat people. My love of good food stems from the incredible feasts they would prepare for my entire family on the holidays or just because it was a day of the week that ended in y. I’ve lost both of my grandfathers and it has made the relationship with my grandmothers that much more important. I still talk to them both weekly, if not more often.

My decent fashion sense (some of my coworkers may laugh due to my standard work uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, but I promise I clean up nicely) comes from my Grandma Lorraine. To this day she still picks out all my clothes when we go shopping together. I also talk sports with her all of the time. During the Bulls dynasty in the 90s, she went all the time with her neighbor who has 3rd row center court season tickets. We suffered through the years after the Bulls championships together when they were one of the worst teams in basketball and rejoiced in their recent resurgence. She means the world to me and she’s still the first person I call when I have good news.

My Grandma Charlene is equally important. She is responsible for culturing me. Growing up, she and my grandfather would take me to museums, the zoo and the aquarium. They wanted me to explore the world, sample the cuisines, see the art. After my grandfather passed away when I was in college, she continued with those desires. We’ve traveled at every opportunity she could get. She took me to Hawaii for graduating from college.

September 11 is National Grandparents Day (yes, this date is important for other reasons, too). I’m sure many of you feel as strongly as I do about your grandparents. Even if they have passed. Send an email campaign for National Grandparents Day and warm the hearts of your subscribers. Honor your grandparents in a way they deserve. If they’ve done for you what mine have for me, they’ve more than earned it.

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