Labor Day may just be the holiday that I know the least about. I can tell you more about Casimir Pulaski Day than I can Labor Day. Granted, that’s because I grew up in Chicago where it’s a day off of school and they don’t give you a day off without teaching you all about the Polish general who once saved the life of George Washington. If you saw me on the street and asked me what Labor Day was, I’d probably mutter something about workers and unions and celebrating them. I may even sound enough like I know what I was talking about to believe me.

According the the Department of Labor, it is a day “dedicated to the social and economic achievement of American workers.” So perhaps it’s not just for the union workers. I work. Does that mean I get to celebrate Labor Day as one of them? I hope so, because I’m certainly not going to stop enjoying my day off.

Labor Day is also an excellent opportunity for email marketing, and you can check out Benchmark’s Labor Day Email Templates by clicking the link. Unless your email list is entirely comprised of heiresses and children, you probably have a whole bunch of subscribers that are workers. Labor Day is a chance to honor all of them. Any sort of promotion that rewards your subscribers will do. When the totality of your subscribers are likely workers, you don’t have to worry about singling anyone out. So celebrate you, me and all the other workers out there. Happy Labor Day!

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