Soon, very soon now, the calaveras, the skulls, and the marigolds, will decorate the graves of loved ones who have passed, and skeletons will dance in the streets. For soon, very soon now, El Dia de los Muertos will be upon us.

Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” is a richly storied holiday believed to have passed down from ancient Aztec tradition. While it is primarily celebrated in Mexico, California and other southern U.S. states will see many waltzing skeletons before the holiday’s end. November 1 and November 2 are the days of celebration, covering the Catholic All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively, and traditions include caring for the graves of dead family members, building altars to deceased loved ones and celebrating the end of life (and by extension, all life itself) with colorful processions, dances, music and of course candy – delicious sugar skulls, to be exact.

Coming right on the heels of Halloween, the Day of the Dead is simultaneously one of the most respectful and one of the most ebullient holidays of the year: a beautiful and living ode to the passage of life and the memory of those we have loved. Create an email newsletter campaign with our Dia de los Muertos email marketing template today!