Here in America, Canada is sometimes seen as a punchline rather than a wonderful nation filled with many great people. Most would rather “Blame Canada” than celebrate their achievements. At Benchmark Email, we support Canada. After all, our favorite writer Hal hails from Canada. This May 23, we will be celebrating Victoria Day right along with Hal and the rest of his Canadian brethren.

Victoria Day celebrates the birthday of both Queen Victoria and the current reigning queen, Elizabeth II. It is also considered the beginning of summer. I can’t say I know what it’s like to celebrate a Queen’s birthday (I even happily slept through the Royal Wedding), but I am a fan of celebrating summer’s arrival.

This Victoria Day customize a Benchmark Victoria Day Email Template and honor your Canadian subscribers. It seems like the celebrations are akin to the 4th of July for us in the U.S., so similar promotions could be appropriate. No, I don’t mean red, white and blue emails. I mean promotions that relate to outdoor activities, BBQs and the like.