You can often tell how well run an event is by how the check in process goes. Long lines are one thing … and sometimes unavoidable. However, keeping things organized and efficient can be the difference in keeping your event attendees happy and a full on meltdown before they’ve even gotten through the doors. Benchmark Events can help you with every step of your event, from conception to execution … and beyond, but today we’re going to focus on that check in process. Specifically, I’m going to tell you all about the Check-in by Benchmark Events app.

For both iPhone (and iPad in 2x mode) and Android, Benchmark Events offers an app to check your guests in with ease … right at your fingertips. You can view and check in guests as you scroll through your list of attendees or use the camera to check in guests with our barcode scanner. Use as many devices as you’d like too or designate one device for VIP check in and the others for your other ticket types. The list updates in realtime, so you’ll be warned if anyone tries to use a fake or duplicate ticket.

Check-in by Benchmark Events Too excited to wait until your event to begin using the Check-in by Benchmark Events app? You can monitor your registration and tickets sales for your events on the app as well. Easily do that on the go, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your events.

So, on the day of your event, or before it, have a couple extra employees working the event download the Check-in by Benchmark Events app. That way, if things start to get chaotic at check in, you can have them come help move the line along. This will help the attendees excited about your event stay that way.