In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 2011, I wrote about it and was truly in heaven. Hyperbole aside, Columbus Day is a big deal. Sure, he wasn’t literally the first person to set foot on American soil. He did sail three ships across the Atlantic Ocean in one of the (arguably) most important adventures in history. Life as I know it in the US would not be the same had Columbus not taken that voyage.

In the spirit of adventure, do something new with your email marketing in honor of Columbus Day this October 10. Try out a new email template. Go for a different voice with your content. Do something that will stand out and honor explorers who discover new worlds. Perhaps your adventurous email campaign will open up a whole new world of sales.

The new adventure may not need to come from you either. You could inspire your subscribers to try something new. A product of yours they wouldn’t have otherwise thought they needed. Open some eyes. Hopefully both you and your subscribers will experience some novelty this Columbus Day.

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