I had such a miserable time on New Year’s Eve this year, I think I may celebrate all over again for Chinese New Year. Is that allowed? Is this a St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish kind of deal? Plus, as the longest holiday on the Chinese Lunar calendar at 15 days, I’m sure to have a good time on at least one of those days.

Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the planet where there are large Chinese populations or Chinatowns. The customs vary by region, but one widespread tradition involves sweeping the house of all ill fortunes and making way for good luck. Windows and doors are also decorated with red Chinese paper cuts, which are a unique Chinese art form.

Happiness, wealth and longevity are the focus of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Those are three things I am more than happy to celebrate. I am totally making up for my terrible New Year’s Eve by celebrating Chinese New Year this year.

Use a Benchmark Chinese New Year template and celebrate this festival with your Chinese subscribers around the globe. Red is the color of the holiday, so keep that in mind when designing your email. Happy Chinese New Year!

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