The point of a Super Bowl ad is to get people talking about your company. Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl commercial did just that. It had Eminem and a catchy tagline. The consensus is that it was a rousing success and major hit.

However, there were some negative rumblings about it. How could a company from an industry that was recently bailed out by the government afford the major coinage for a Super Bowl commercial? Couldn’t the money have been better spent creating more jobs in the city these cars were “imported” from? In truth, it’s possible that the good from this ad can far outweigh the cost. It does raise an interesting point. Is any publicity good publicity, or should your company be more aware of how it presents itself in the public eye?

For email marketers, this could be akin to a tasteless tie-in for holiday email promotions. You don’t want to be seen as trivializing a holiday. Sure, offering unbelievable deals may seem like a good idea, but do you want your subscribers to feel like you’re cheapening the holiday you want them to celebrate? It is important to understand all the ways your message can be received.