In the kingdom of event marketing, live events are the ones which have the greatest likelihood to present a very unique set of problems to the marketers which can be considerably more extensive and troublesome than in the online event variety. Representing the only modern marketing channel which has not yet been fully digitalized, live event marketing still requires a lot of that good old fashioned elbow grease and resists the “click, click, hurray” paradigm which many other online marketers can enjoy. However, there are some hi-tech tools which can be mastered in order to obtain the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) for your event’s promotional dollars. If you aspire to a spot in the Burke’s Peerage of Live Event ROIalty you need to make event management technology and marketing automation your crown jewels.

Elevating you to the aristocracy of live event marketing

Live event marketers have to focus on a very specific set of strategies. In the midst of the myriad details which go into the promotion of any live event, it is the event management technology and marketing automation which are the necessary processes which you can use to elevate you from the proletariat to the aristocracy of live event marketing. The through and cohesive implementation of these techniques can provide the live event organizers with the opportunity to drive the behavior of the attendees, segment the audiences, deliver targeted messages, and track all results with precision and elegance. Real-time insight can be leveraged to obtain insights on the entire breadth of attendee behavior, engagement and interest, helping to make a clear determination as to the ROI of the event. Many successful live event marketers find that optimizing sales and marketing follow-up, applying existing data to make ongoing modifications to every aspect of the event, and engaging in a comprehensive process to streamline operational and logistical processes can have a considerable impact on the bulk of their metrics.

Keeping these four key factors clearly in mind for the duration of your live event’s promotion can help you achieve your goals:
1. Manage the event for varying audiences – Not every attendee is the same as the next. They have different interests, demographics, come from different industry sectors and interest groups, and engage with your event in a different way. You can’t craft an event on the basis that it presents the same value propositions for the entire audience equally, as you should focus your strategy on managing attendees on an individual basis.

2. Target desired attendee behavior – Once you have established the baselines of differences which characterize all of your unique attendees, determine exactly what is the desired behavior you wish to solicit from each of them. A desired behavior can be defined as behavior that benefits both the attendee and your organization. Whether or not that is upgrading to a next tier of a product line, completing a purchase, or getting acquainted with your solutions, is a factor which should be custom-tailored to suit your live event’s goals.

3. Guide the attendees to the behavior – Now that you are well acquainted with your attendees, and you are fully aware of precisely what it is that you want them to do, it’s time to guide them to do it. Promote your event’s salient aspects in a way that would be appealing to your individual attendee and try to establish a relationship with them through the entire spectrum of the marketing of your live event.

4. Follow their progress – Keep track of the attendee behavior and progress in order to know how much impact your event actually had. Did you manage to guide them into actions and get them further along the conversion cycle? How many visitors did you get? Don’t forget to do post-event follow-up communication with each individual, based on the relationship you established on the event. Only through observing these statistics can you discover the true ROI of your live event.

You won’t have to abdicate your ROIal crown (or your job for that matter) if you build your live event’s castle on the basis of these proven and efficacious techniques!