Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Heart of Business. We’re thrilled to return from our hiatus with the great Chad S. White who is the Research Director at Litmus and the author of Email Marketing Rules.

While we’d probably already encountered Chad’s work through Litmus or the Email Experience Council, he came onto our radar when our UX Researcher and Data Analyst, Leticia Mottola, was given a signed copy of Email Marketing Rules at a Litmus event. We quickly purchased a few additional copies and passed them around the office.

So, when we knew it was time to bring back our beloved Heart Of Business podcast, Chad was one of the first individuals we reached out to. It was a great conversation, which we’re thrilled to be able to share with you.

We talked to Chad about how he found his way into the world of email marketing and the process of writing a book. Chad, Daniel and I also looked back on how we’ve seen email evolve since we joined the industry.

On living in a post “email is dead” world:

It’s not email vs. social. It’s not email vs. another channel. It’s email WITH social. It’s email WITH all these other channels.

  • 8:33 – The evolution of email
  • 18:09 – Why email is unkillable
  • 22:06 – Inbox overload
  • 28:09 – The value of building and maintaining relationships
  • 29:17 – Writing a book
  • 46:05 – The responsibility of deliverability on the sender

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