In my previous blog, Why Choose Email Marketing? I discussed how email marketing can involve the customer at a personal level. Ultimately, this is how the best sales happen: by speaking directly to the user. Today I’ll review a valuable tool that we use right here at Benchmark Email: the live webinar.

What Is a Webinar?

This web tool allows you to send live video to an audience. Not only can you broadcast yourself giving a speech, you can also share your computer screen with everyone in attendance. This is the perfect way to really show people how to use your product. Since the program is live, your viewers can ask questions in real time. You can even grant them the power to control your screen or display their own screen to you.

In Benchmark’s Live Webinars we are able to cover the range of our editing software, from the simple task of uploading a list to creating an email newsletter in under an hour. After our webinar is done, the attendees are practically professional Benchmark Email editors.

The Software Sells Itself

We can achieve many things by engaging the user directly:

  • Webinars Are Interactive. It’s not just a plain old video – they can ask questions and get answers (instantly).
  • Mass Appeal. You are able to teach many people at once, saving time, effort and money.
  • Familiarity Breeds Contentment. Your attendees are now familiar with your product. Can other companies compare?
  • It’s Exciting. You’ve prepared them for the ins and outs of your product and they want to use it. Benchmark offers many features, but the range of services can be daunting for a first-time user. You will see conversions because your Free-Trial users trust the product.
  • It’s a Show. Chances are your audience doesn’t tune in expecting you to lecture them. Give them a reason to show up and make them glad they stayed! The web is an interactive place and it’s always good to remind your users that, yes, you are evolving too.

How Do I Broadcast a Webinar?

There are many programs and services you can use. I host our Benchmark Email webinars myself and I use exclusively. I can tell that they have done their homework and know what a webinar needs. The practicality of the program and its ease of use are outstanding. makes it easy for your leads to join your webinar with signup forms you can customize with your own text and logos. Attendees’ information is conveniently stored in a downloadable report that allows you to track your metrics. Best of all, especially when you factor in the conversion rates of your users, the program is affordable for your small business.

Right Tool, Right Time

The live webinar is a tool, one that your users will be happy to take advantage of. But just because we log on and buy the program, that doesn’t mean it’s going to start making money on its own. Use your tools and use them well. Create a strategic plan for webinars. Make a schedule and stick to it and make it clear to your users when they can sign up for your next show. And make it as interactive as possible! Yes, your guests can have fun, and I guarantee this will improve your sales and company name.

You didn’t think I’d resist the plug, did you? Want to see where all the magic happens? Sign up for my next, live Benchmark Email Webinar (Monday – Friday at 1 PM).