One of my favorite parts of writing the holiday blogs is discovering all the random days, weeks and months that we as a society have decided to classify as holidays. The first week in August is National Simplify Your Life Week. Really. I’m not clever enough to make these obscure holidays up.

The idea of National Simplify Your Life Week is awesome. It could go so many ways. I’m hoping it involves someone paying my bills, fixing the massive dent in the hood of my car and getting my younger brother off of my couch. A solution for LA traffic would also be great, but I’m not greedy. Or we can hark back to a simpler time and be Amish for a week. I’ve always wanted to churn my own butter and grow out my beard without any social implications.

In terms of email marketing, the possibilities are endless. What can your company do to make your subscribers lives more simple? A restaurant can offer deals so that their subscribers don’t have to worry about cooking at home one night. An auto dealership can offer free car washes to go along with the purchase of an oil change. Office supply stores could offer “Back to School” bundles as well. However you choose to simplify the lives of your subscribers, it is sure to be appreciated.