Dr. Seuss was a master of being able to entertain people of all ages through what seems at first glance to be nothing more than a very simple young children’s story book. Through an amazing imagination directed by an incisive intellect, he had the remarkable penchant to be able to finely craft a set of characters who would engage in an adventure which was both so disarmingly simple and at the same time, deceptively insightful. That is a combination that is absolutely optimal for an online brand marketing strategy. If you can create a campaign which has the innocence and energy as well as the pop off the screen graphics of children’s books, you have found a winning combination which can help differentiate your brand from your competitors. Leverage the innocence and wonder of children’s books

Far too many online brand marketing strategies are formulated around adult topics. Yes, everyone who has graduated from Marketing 101 is well aware that Sex Sells, but there are an almost infinite number of alternatives to that time honored policy of “the more skin you show the more SKUs you move.” One of the most successful and powerful alternatives to turning your online brand marketing campaigns into little more than titillating peep shows is to take the exact opposite tack. Instead of going in the direction of more adult oriented content, go instead to the youngest levels: Leveraging the innocence, simplicity, and sense of wonder which is found in the best children’s books such as those penned by Dr. Seuss will provide a completely fresh and innovative identity for your brand.

Relate to the reevaluation of the inner curmudgeon

Both the literary and the graphic art of Dr. Seuss was especially marvelous and unique as it engaged children and adults alike. Each age group was able to derive content and messages of value which spoke directly to them in the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. While small children may laugh at the awkward look and luckless adventures of The Grinch, adults can relate the character’s Scroogish “bah-humbug” attitude to their own inner curmudgeon. When The Grinch finally realizes the wonder of the season, adults too can comprehend that aspect of the tale as being relevant to the value of reevaluation of your own strongly held beliefs, especially those which are negative and depressive, in favor of experiencing joy and tranquility.

Demonstrate that yours is the ultimate horizontal brand

Therein lies the key to the successful and seamless implementation of the Dr. Seuss conceptual archetype into your own online brand marketing. Crank up your imagination and picture a brand campaign which at first glance seems to be directed towards children. You’re using lots of bright colors, cartoonish figures, magical adventures, and overall hitting all the buttons which the most popular children’s books have hit throughout modern times. However, you’ve had the artistic skill and genius talent to create this campaign in a way that is immediately and powerfully relevant to adults as well as young people. You’re telling a story in your campaign, and it is one that is immediately accessible to children but when viewed through the prism of adult experience is able to speak directly to them. You are thus demonstrating to your target market that yours is the ultimate horizontal brand. Your products and services are essentially universal and can form solutions to the needs of just about every customer of any age or location.

It goes without saying that there are some brands which would be able to apply this strategy more successfully than others. Products and services which are fundamentally vertical in nature would not be overly suitable for this type of Dr. Seuss approach. However, if you are marketing a brand whose products and services extend across age lines, you might just find that the key to your campaign success could be your mastery in the task of bridging of this child/adult dichotomy.