Getting a person motivated enough to signup is hard enough. Getting them to signup when the form is complicated and confusing is nothing but an exercise in futility. The moral of this story is – make sure your signup forms are easy to use!

So if you are looking for guidance on how to simplify your signup form, or are simply clueless about what a good signup form is – you can stop worrying! Take a look at some great tried and tested tips that are sure to help you create an excellent and easy signup form!

1. Motivate your subscriber

If you were a subscriber what would get YOU to signup? Most likely you would only be motivated to signup if there was something in it for you – a motivating factor, some sort of incentive or a valuable return of some sort.

Consider the fact that when you ask subscribers to signup you are basically asking them to give you entry to their time as well as their privacy. Surely they should get something worthwhile in return. For this reason you should ensure that you give them something in return that is valuable enough to compensate them for giving you their confidence and attention.

2. Provide a short & simple signup form

When it comes to a signup form there is only one very basic fact to keep in mind – the reason for your signup form. All you need to remember is that your form has a purpose – and that is to get people to opt in. In order for this to happen all you need is their email address. At the most you could ask for their name as well.

So if all you really need is an email address, what possible excuse could you have for creating a signup form that goes on forever? None. There is no excuse for not keeping your signup form simple and to the point. Not to mention the fact that people have an immediate reaction to walk away from something that looks lengthy and boring. A long signup form defeats your purpose and is a sure shot way to repel even those subscribers who were actually considering signing up. So make sure you keep your form short and simple.

So when u decide to go about creating your signup form keep these tips in mind! If you have any more suggestions do let us know! We would love to have your feedback.