Last week I talked about a beginner’s guide to switching up presentations from drab PowerPoint to something a little more dynamic. This week, we’ll cover what real tech-savvy business owners can use to launch stellar presentations that get talked about.

Remember that you can still use any of these tips if you’re not tech-savvy. You can always hire someone to run the presentation for you, teach you how to do it yourself or be there as an on site support should you decide to brave this digital frontier.

Prezi – Any presentation is about telling a story, and Prezi lets you master just that. Called the “Zooming Presentation Editor,” Prezi offers six easy steps to get your presentation going…

  1. Use the full canvas: Prezi lets you manipulate the workspace canvas as you like.
  2. Zoom in: Once you’ve developed your presentation framework, you can zoom in to fill out the individual areas.
  3. Create structure: After you have your ideas down, you can create structure, hierarchies, scale and add images.

What’s great about it: Prezi offers tons of online support, how to guides and manuals to help you understand how it works and how you can get started. Their own presentation is flawless and very easy to use. I can see just about anyone that knows how to navigate a computer and social media learning how to navigate Prezi.

Presentation Design Tennis – The best of the best when it comes to collaborative development, SlideShare’s “Presentation Tennis” lets various participants work together to come up with one presentation.

What’s great about it: Its collaborative factor. Use this pre-meeting or during a conference to offer an end-product that showcases what the audience thinks/feels. It’s a great way to start or finish any meeting.

SlideRocket – This platform goes beyond just incorporating Google and PowerPoint presentations…it lets you upload them and invite others to join in so anyone anywhere can use them. SlideRocket is ideal for presentations that need to be accessed remotely. You can create your presentations online and turn your presentations into a collaborative effort.

You can also plug your presentations online for greater visibility and reach. They can be turned into a URL to share, embedded on your site or blog and sent as an invite.

The service is free for “casual users,” who receive the benefit of tools, online/mobile access, as well as access to a basic library. Other user tiers include “pro” at $24/month, which adds professional tools, versioning, offline access and analytics; you can try out the free 14 day trial before signing up. Larger organizations can get in on “enterprise,” which encompasses additional features that include total access and security.

What’s great about it: Super fun and easy to use. Detailed analytics support lets you gauge success by tracking how many people have viewed your presentation. This medium should be considered by business owners that need to conduct online meetings, such as through GoToMeeting.