I’ve ordered random junk from all corners of the internet. Collectibles, gadgets I didn’t really need and cheap Apple accessories that break after using them twice. I couldn’t tell you most of those websites by name. Their memories lie in the email marketing from which I inevitably unsubscribed.

Which websites do I remember? The ones that I had a question and had an awesome experience with their customer service. Or maybe the ones who are killing it with their social media and/or email marketing. It might even be the fun and engaging copy on the website that connects with me. It all boils down to the customer experience. That’s why our August series is called “Customer Experience Required.”

As always, there’s a giveaway to go along with the series. Retweet this, or any blog post in “Customer Experience Required,” to be entered to win a Kindle Fire HD and Amazon gift card. We’ll even recommend some books to help further your learning on customer experience. The winner will be announced Monday, August 25th at 9:00 AM PST. You must follow @BenchmarkEmail on Twitter to be eligible to win, as the winner will be notified via Direct Message.