Growing up I went to overnight camp for many, many years. I even worked there several years after I was a camper. The camp has a large international staff, as a result of which I have friends from all over the globe. Probably the biggest non-US contingent was from Canada. That being the case, we always celebrated Canada Day just a few days before celebrating the 4th of July.

One of the things we would do, besides making “eh” jokes, was to sing Canada’s Anthem at the flagpole in the morning. I was always one of the ones that knew all the words. No, not because I was sucking up to the female Canadians (maybe that had a little to do with it). I knew all the words from growing up going to Blackhawks games with my dad and hearing both anthems. What’s the point of this story? None really, other than I once was (and still am) not cool.

Whether it’s a Canadian of the opposite sex or a subscriber you’re trying to impress, customize a Benchmark email template for Canada Day. Much like Independence Day, it’s a big email marketing opportunity. They even celebrate it in many of the same ways. The marketing concepts are very similar. Canada Day is just heavier on the red and white…blue not so much.