Mother’s Day is on May 13th. That is, for everyone except me. My parents and grandmother are coming to visit me Memorial Day weekend, for the first time since I moved to SoCal almost three years ago. As such, we’re postponing our Mother’s Day celebrations a couple weeks until we can all be in one place. Last year I shaved my beard, just for a Skype call. I knew it would mean a lot to my mom, who is not a fan of my facial follicles. This year, I can keep the beard. I’m pretty sure getting a hug from me in person will more than make up it.

I’ll probably send some flowers on May 13th as well. She’s done plenty for me. That’s the least I can do. Speaking of sending…have you scheduled your Mother’s Day email campaigns yet?

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to play on your subscriber’s sentimental side. My mom still has all of the art work and knickknacks that I gave her for Mother’s Day when I was a kid. I’m sure that for her, looking at them triggers a special memory. Evoke those feelings with your email campaigns and you’ll connect with your subscribers on a special level.