The second Monday of January is Japanese Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day. For Japanese youth, this means at the age of 20 you are officially recognized as subject to adult laws, the right to vote and drink and buy alcohol. It’s quite the raucous occasion.

For me, the time I allegedly became a man was on my 13th birthday when I had my Bar Mitzvah. Sure it was a party, but not one that I could celebrate with booze and/or voting. I couldn’t even drive. I think the Japanese have it right. I was always confused as to what made me a man, when having a Bar Mitzvah really only meant a party with a cheesy DJ, family members that recall when I was “this” big and an embarrassing photo album on the coffee table as evidence.

Celebrate your Japanese subscribers and their loved ones with a Coming of Age Day email template. I’m sure they will be touched that you reached out during this special time. Not to mention the fact that there’s sure to be a flurry of shopping and spending for industries like food and alcohol, tailors, photo studios, beauty parlors, etc.