Being a Chicago transplant living in Los Angeles, one of the things I miss most is attending my favorite teams’ games. I’ve seen the Bulls play the Clippers at the Staples Center and the Blackhawks play at Staples and the Duck Pond. Last night was my first Cubs-Dodgers game. It was extra special, because to me, attending my first baseball game of the season usually means the start of summer. Sure, it’s kinda always summer here in Southern California, but there are things that go along with summer besides the weather. My other favorite summer activity besides baseball is barbecuing. Lucky for me, May is National Barbecue Month.

I thought I had found the perfect apartment when I moved this past July. The place was way nicer than my last apartment and it was in a much better location. Its only drawback? No balcony. I had to get rid of my grill. I didn’t think I would miss it as much as I have. I do have several friends that have nice grills, and I will be sure to invoke National Barbecue Month when I commandeer their grills in the not so distant future.

I’m sure many of your subscribers also associate BBQing with summer. For your subscribers not residing in locales like Southern California, an email campaign on National Barbecue Month may just be the warmth they need in their lives right now. Customize a Benchmark email template and share the joy of BBQing with your subscribers. Offer up your favorite recipes or even some grilling tips. Perhaps make a case for charcoal versus gas. Several industries could have big promotional tie-ins here as well. Is it just me or is anyone else getting hungry?