The old joke goes: Calories don’t count on [insert excuse to indulge here]. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but calories always count. Sorry. BUT…if there was one day when they wouldn’t, it would most certainly be National Dessert Day. Calories may still count, but we can all pretend they don’t for one day.

This October 14, encourage your subscribers to treat themselves to some dessert. Restaurants obviously have the easiest path for an email campaign on this day. Add a coupon to your email for a free dessert with the purchase of an entree. It’s dessert, people. Use photos. Let dessert speak for itself!

For non-food related industries, National Dessert Day still provides some marketing opportunities. The spirit of the day is to treat oneself to something he or she wouldn’t ordinarily partake in. That can be shopping, a new activity or anything else. The fitness industry can even benefit from an occasion like National Dessert Day. They could send a campaign promoting a class or new workout routine that will allow people to enjoy National Dessert Day guilt free!

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