Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd. It is not a national holiday per se, but it should be. I learned to read on Dr. Seuss and Berenstain Bears books. Dr. Seuss specifically is what every child should have in their lives. Endless possibility and imagination. Out of this world people, places and things. All brought together with vivid illustrations. If there was ever a great opportunity to do something a little off the walls with your email marketing campaigns, Dr. Seuss’ birthday is it.

Have you always wanted to spice up the copy in your email campaigns? Try writing a whole email in Dr. Seuss style rhymes. Wanted to use brighter colors than ever before? Now is your chance. You can even create Dr. Seuss-like characters to sell your products. The sky is the limit. Dr. Seuss would have it no other way.

Dr. Seuss’ birthday has been adopted as the date for National Read Across America Day, which is a reading initiative created by the National Education Association. I am all for books and reading and love that Dr. Seuss is tied into it. Especially since his books are a large part of why I love reading today. Share your love for reading an/or Dr. Seuss this March 2nd. Customize a Benchmark email template, and bring your subscribers back to childhood for a day.