Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. First of all, I have and always will love candy. I didn’t, however, always love dressing up. Like the old Seinfeld bit, costumes were a means to get candy. Early on, I unfailingly went with the generic, store-bought costumes: I was a ninja, a caveman and a vampire – a bloody one, too, unlike the ones that sparkle in movies nowadays.

I began to get more creative in high school. My senior year, I wore pajamas to school, brought a pillow and slept through all my classes. I had to. I was Sleeping Beauty!

College was even more fun. One year I went as Elton John, glittering glasses and all. It got even more fun as all of my friends would get into it. My junior year we were Bill Swerski’s Superfans from the TV show Saturday Night Live. A few friends and I stayed in character the whole night, randomly blurting out “Da Bears,” “Ditka” and “Polish Sausage.” We even had all of the old SNL bits memorized. That’s dedication!

Chances are many of your subscribers will also feel some sort of nostalgia for Halloween. Use that as an opportunity to visit their inboxes. Maybe give your usual email template a Halloween costume. Just make sure you don’t totally lose your branding. Going for the scare might not be your best approach. You don’t want your subscribers associating your brand with giving them a heart attack! My first thought was to come up with ideas for email related costumes. As funny as double-opt in email would be as a costume, I stopped when I realized how ridiculous it would be to spend a night asking people if you could talk to them… and then again to confirm that they’d like to talk to you.

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My top 5 all time favorite costumes:
Elton John
Mr. T
Sleeping Beauty
SNL Bears Superfan
The Dude from The Big Lebowski
Sample subject lines for Halloween:
Happy Halloween from [your company]
Treat yourselves to these deals. No tricks!
We scared up some deals for you this Halloween!
Deals sweeter than candy this Halloween
Passing on these deals will haunt you!

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