Digital Media Strategy for NBA Champion Teams

Al Aguilar (Moderator)
James Chandler – San Antonio Spurs
Michael Farmer – Miami Heat

Michael Farmer on which Heat member he’s most like: coach Spoelstra, because he has to put all the team members in a place to succeed.

James Chandler: When you lose, it’s a lot less work. A thank you campaign and you’re done. You go home. When you win, you get a half day to celebrate … then you have to get back to work for a strategy for celebration.

On User (or Fan) Generated Content:

  • Really fine line of what you can release. Conservative organization, international audience. Can’t think just San Antonio or Miami.
  • Cultivating is one of he easiest part of our job, because they want fans to cultivate content.
  • Engage fans with app and social media. For example: Game night chat.
  • Don’t want to be in a place where you’re denying the fan the access they want.
  • You have to do your best to be as positive about the brand as you can. Very delicate role: be very conscientious about the brand, can turn on you quickly.

Top insights:

  • Apps have become huge, many people go to ap for content: outperforming desktop and mobile combined. -JC
  • So many avenues to get content out there and you have to find what works for you. How do you measure it? What are your KPIs? Sometimes it’s a struggle. How we get that measurement of engagement is important. -JC
  • It’s the small things: can you shake someone’s hand, show up on time, relate to executives … and the receptionist. Have people skills, relationship skills. That will carry you so much further than your talent. -MF
  • Gotta be able to explain to every department what you do. -JC
  • The foundations you’ve built your strategies on are all going to transform and change…quickly. Stay up on your tech, don’t get complacent. Ask your boss for resources to learn or you’ll fall behind. -MF

Untold Stories Behind Success with Failure:Lab

Joel Potrykus – Director

Joel had to overcome extreme nerves and instill confidence in an entire crew of strangers that he had a clear vision for the film he was directing. He even resorted to self-medicating for anxiety to extreme disaster in the form of passing out for hours on the first day. He learned he had to do it and push himself past his comfort zone to accomplish things he never thought possible.

Tom Nardone – Owner of PriveCo

“I sell embarrassing things online. You always wonder who’s the one that does that. It’s me … the guy in the snakeskin jacket.” – Nardone, operator of and other sites for things you may want to keep private.

The things he struggles with:

  • Ego: Was told he has the ego of three gorgeous men.
  • News: It doesn’t give us perspective.
  • Friends: They have a unique, albeit biased, view of you, but it’s a terrible thing for throwing business ideas around.

Brian Brushwood

Live performing is like Groundhog Day. Even if you miss a line or comeback, you can learn from a moment and keep it in your back pocket to use when the situation arises again.

Short-Form Filmmaking: Stars of Social Media

Jon Paul Piques
Max Isidor
Joey Salads
Arantza Fahnbulleh
Charlie Walters (moderator)

Piques: Thought it’d be cool to make my friends laugh. Friends who first told me they were bad are waiting to be in my videos now.

Max Jr.: Just making videos for fun.

Curtis Lepore (in the audience): We collaborate, which lets us get bigger and increase our reach.

Creating Content:

  • Max: Started on iPhones, now on Canons
  • Piques: Progression in the way we’re filming. Lighting, sound, camera team, etc. Now we’re editing on Final Cut and Adobe Premier.
  • Salads: I try to make people feel a certain way.
  • “One thing that gives influencers an edge is that regular people can do it.”

Going viral:

  • Piques: Relatable. A situation others have experienced.
  • Lepore: Keep it short and to the point. Vine you’re storyboarding in 6 seconds. We were having fun and it blew up. Now that we have a platform where videos can be as long as we want, it’s about keeping that feel. Reliability is key: doing videos with my girlfriend now and I have boyfriends tagging their girlfriend and vice versa.
  • Salads: I go for controversy and leave it open for political discussion. Supporters will share it and haters will comment on it.

Fahnbulleh: More money in makeup and beauty than there is in comedy for girls. The men don’t want to work with girls that just want more followers. They want to work with the girls that are creating content and being funny.

The Platforms:

  • Lepore: Find where you fit best. YouTube is a great way to make money as a content creator.
  • Piques: Facebook realizes what they have going on. 500M views per day. Facebook has turned to the members of this panel and more to learn what works for these content creators and how they can improve it.
  • Salads: Vine is nothing anymore, because they had very little and a bad connection to the influencers. I picked up and left. I went to YouTube. We’re the one bringing people to these apps.

Comedy Is The New Journalism: The Power of Satire

Comedians are the new public intellectuals. – The Atlantic

The Attention Economy is Hard on Journalism

Journalism is to layoffs as Kanye is to rants.

54k journalism jobs even exist in America, less seats than the Louisiana Superdome.

People are more interested in comedy than journalism in this attention economy. People would rather listen to what Amy Schumer has to say.

Comedy is the new Journalism:

  • Marc Maron’s WTF podcast broke the story about Wyatt Cenac not getting along with John Stewart.
  • Hannibal Burress broke the Bill Cosby story through his comedy set.

Journalists are looking to comedians to bark. The comedians will say things that the journalists are afraid to say or cannot say.