What are the two best things in this world? Disney and social media. Disney because …well, who doesn’t love Disney?! Social media, because it is basically the primary way people are communicating and interacting these days (How many times have you checked your Facebook today?).

So when you bring the two of the biggest forces in the world together, you get a magical marketing masterpiece. You think Lady Gaga has a huge fan following on Facebook? Well Disney is an umbrella hovering over 200 character pages with followers in the millions for each one. Disney also has 25 official Twitter accounts for each major section of the Walt Disney company: Radio Disney, Disney Channel, the theme parks, Disney cruise, etc. The last platform in the social media trinity, YouTube, also boasts over 30 separate channels.

Basically, you can’t get any bigger in social media than Disney. They are in every Internet corner you turn! They don’t just coast by on their enormous popularity to gain followers on their social media platforms. Disney has constant interactions with fans through their accounts and offers ways for them to get a bit involved with their company as well.

Let’s first take a look at the Facebook character pages. Along with having one headquarter page for all of the company’s characters, Disney also sectioned off pages based on the characters and the ideal demographic. For example, Disney Princesses has a main page as well as their own individual pages, and John Carter has his own masculine account too. So if you were a girly-girl who liked the Disney princesses’ page, how would you react to a random John Carter post with a screen shot of a sword fight scene? Or vice versa. If you were masculine to the tee, would you care about an article covering tips on how to poise like a royal princess? There are so many types of Disney films, there are different types of audiences. So creating a niche community for each type requires their own social media that delivers the most relevant content to them.

Secondly, out of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the most real-time interactive one out of the bunch. Disney’s theme parks on Twitter are hugely beneficial for their guests. The parks’ times and shows may change last minute due to the weather or some other circumstances, so having guests follow their Twitter accounts is an easy and more effective way to spread the word. Imagine having to reprint trillions of maps and schedules twice a day due to an unforeseen parade time delay! Their accounts are used to announce parade time changes, new merchandises in the gift shops, upcoming events and even fun fill-in-the-blank trivia to engage the audiences.

Lastly, YouTube is slowly becoming the most popular social media platform for the entire Walt Disney Company. The thing about these Disney videos is that they don’t sell product after product, or discreetly nag fans to go watch an upcoming movie. A bulk of these videos is actually behind-the-scenes videos that show fans the making of a new film, how engineers design a new theme park ride, or how to recreate the jambalaya from the Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. What’s so great about these videos is that they allow fans an exclusive inside look into the making of their favorite movies or rides, or bring a little bit of the Disney magic with them home.

So, the one point to take away from all this is that Disney’s social media campaign attract so many followers not just because they are already a popular and well-loved brand, but because they literally treat guests like guests in their home, and puts their interests as their first priority.