Keeping your email list up-to-date is an important step in avoiding spam complaints and is a vital step in the success of your email marketing efforts. When you don’t do this, you may wind up with some confused subscribers, un-targeted messages and all sorts of other issues. Today I had a run-in with someone who had me on an outdated list.

I noticed I had a voicemail on my lunch break. It was from the Indiana University Athletic Department. They wanted to know if I wanted to renew my football season tickets for next season. Mind you, I graduated from IU in 2007. Sure, I had season tickets from 2003-2006, but I have barely been back to Bloomington since I graduated…much less a football game. I really had to laugh. Clearly they never removed me from the student list. I briefly doubted whether or not I had actually graduated, until I remembered I’d seen my diploma.

If this happens in an email campaign, you could wind up with some unhappy subscribers. Many variables could change for a client that would result in a lack of targeted campaigns. I was amused by IU Athletics lack of an updated list, but it also made me miss college. A lot. The consequences could be far more severe for your company.