When it comes to leaving things to the last minute, I’m a pro. I was a journalism major in college, because there wasn’t really such a thing as studying for tests. There’s no big academic writing papers. It was all short succinct articles that I would write the day before class (or morning before, if I’m really being honest). This Halloween is no different. Sure, I have a few ideas about what I want to dress up as. Alas, I still haven’t settled on one idea.

For a while I thought I wanted to dress as a man who has the exact same name as me. He is a square dance caller with an impressive goatee and hilarious western shirts in his photos. It was the result of Googling myself. The problem is, almost nobody would get it.

Then I had the idea of dressing up as former WCW and WWF wrestler Mick Foley, aka Mankind, aka Cactus Jack, aka Dude Love. I think this would be hilarious. The problem is, it might be a bit random. Non wrestling fans may not recognize the costume of a current wrester, much less one that hasn’t been in the game for a decade.

I’ve even considered going as either Jake Blues or Bluto from Animal House. My hair has grown out a good amount and has a serious John Belushi quality to it. I even thought about donning the ‘COLLEGE’ sweatshirt and carrying around a tub of mashed potatoes all day. If someone asked me what I was, I’d gobble a mouthful, puff my cheeks out, and let the mashed potatoes erupt from my mouth. Get it? A zit!

I’ll probably end up being none of those things. It’ll be a game time decision. If you save things until the last minute as well, you may not have sent a Halloween email campaign yet. Luckily, Benchmark Email has your back. Check out our Halloween email templates before it’s too late!