It seems more important than ever to tell a story like that of Drive Change. A force for good in our society aimed at improving the lives of its employees, maintaining a conversation on social justice and serving delicious food. Drive Change brings its cause straight to the people taking it’s food truck, Snowday, on the move with a message.

We use our food truck as this living, breathing classroom but also as an advocacy tool.

You see, the food truck employs formerly incarcerated young adults and gives them support, on the job training and assistance in achieving the future they desire. Did I mention the food is amazing? I don’t have to because the awards are piling up … as are the mentions in every “Best of NY” list on food trucks. Drive Change co-founder Roy Waterman and his team deserve all the accolades their food has received and more. In a world of hashtag activism, it seems as important as ever to give a platform to the individuals taking action to work for a better tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Support. Support. Support. Providing support to formerly incarcerated individuals is essential.
  • Harnessing an untapped market in formerly incarcerated individuals and providing them with on the job training has helped them achieve the futures they desire.
  • Turning a negative into a positive is an excellent way to engage an audience.
  • Think outside the box to every possible customer touch point that could help deliver your message.